MSPs Discuss Getting Onboard With The Cloud

MSPs Discuss Getting Onboard With The Cloud

The cloud. Either you’re already embracing it as an IT consultant or Microsoft partner, or you know you should and haven’t had the time to make a strategy to focus on it. What’s the best approach?

Recently we spoke with some of our partners to hear their thoughts on trends in the industry, as part of our video series profiling today’s #ModernMSP. Previously MSPs shared their thoughts on What is a modern MSP?

The video shows some thoughts from these innovators about what’s going on in the cloud—a trend that’s here to stay (but, as one partner points out, the opportunity to build a business around it may not be open forever).

Is the window for jumping in with the cloud going to close? Have we arrived at the point where IT businesses are declining if they choose not to shift focus to the cloud?

ModernMSP - Get On Board With The Cloud

I think what's very interesting and exciting about the cloud is that you no longer restricted by what it is that you have and within your organization or your actual company business side.

~Rick Borquez - CalNet Technology Group

As the cloud evolves seen their new opportunities for them if something comes out and would directly impact your customers bottom line. Being able to reach out to them easily and quickly and say hey this would be excited for you guys let's talk about it.

~Chris Lehr - Strategic Products & Services

We first started the cloud business, we would have to sell the customer on the idea of going to the cloud. The customer is already sold. They know that going to the cloud is the best idea. What we are doing is helping them understand the steps to get there and then the things that they can do in the cloud.

~Anthony Pagnusat - Perficient Inc.

In the industry for the past 10 15 years it's always "going to be coming.." "clouds coming.." "cloud cloud cloud.." I would suggest in my experience the last two or three years, it's really started in a serious way but the window is still open. So for partners that are thinking about jumping on board now's the time because the window is open right now and it won't be open forever. It's either make the change or your business will decline and your customers will leave so that now is the time to make it happen.

~Aaron Leonard - Simple I.D.

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