MSPs Talk About the Power of Automation

MSPs Talk About the Power of Automation

All processes start as manual ones. OK, that may not actually be true, but when you’re tackling a task for the first time, you probably don’t know that it’s destined to happen a lot in the future. The first time you do it, it’s manual. You may not know every step you’re going to need to take, and you can’t predict it is going to be repeated often. Enter automation.


Only after that task comes up several times do you say, “Huh, how can I make this go faster? How can I automate?” You don’t want to do the same repeated steps over and over. You want to find a better way so you can focus on things that really require your attention.

You’re not alone. As you may realize, BitTitan started with the simple idea of automating email migration. Now we’re automating a heck of a lot more than that. And no one understands the value of automation more than our partners.

Recently we spoke with some of our partners to hear their thoughts on trends in the industry, as part of our video series profiling today’s #ModernMSP. Previously we shared their thoughts on What is a modern MSP? And the cloud.

Now here’s what they have to say about automation for today’s Modern MSP:

So what processes are you automating? Are there business processes or project tasks you’re planning to automate in the near future? Share your thoughts on Twitter. And don’t forget to meet BitTitan at WPC!

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