Secure Tenant-to-Tenant Migrations: Considerations for the Enterprise

Secure Tenant-to-Tenant Migrations: Considerations for the Enterprise

Over the past several months, in response to the global pandemic, we’ve all been told to stay put – don’t go anywhere. Despite that, all across the globe companies are moving. They’re moving to Microsoft 365, moving to Teams, and accelerating their moves to the cloud.

Much of this activity was already happening prior to the pandemic. Then, the need to support remote workforces and improved collaboration created new urgency for cloud solutions. Already in 2021, BitTitan continues to see an uptick in tenant-to-tenant cloud migrations for the purpose of consolidating or, conversely, segregating work groups.

In our recent white paper, Secure Tenant-to-Tenant Migrations: Considerations for the Enterprise, we explore the many drivers of tenant-to-tenant cloud migrations, including mergers and acquisitions, geographic consolidation, and workforce efficiency. We also look at the advantages of using a purpose-built 100% SaaS migration tool and outline a step-by-step guide to successful enterprise migrations.


Thoughtful, deliberate enterprise migrations

In many cases, the migration itself is a relatively small part of an enterprise IT initiative. That can be deceptive, because it’s still a high-stakes project and, if not done with care, can result in unacceptable downtime, re-work, or frustration. Even organizations with migration experience often find that a new configuration – such as a tenant-to-tenant migration – adds complexity. Each workload has its own challenges; it’s important to choose a tool that can handle not only mail migrations but the nuances of OneDrive, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and even GCC/GCC High tenants.

Some may question how a tool as easy to use as MigrationWiz performs at scale. In fact, MigrationWiz has been proven time and again in enterprise organizations with large and complex migrations. In this white paper, you’ll learn about MigrationWiz features that make our tool uniquely suited for enterprise migrations, including:

  • Speed and scalability with a 100% SaaS tool
  • Configuration, control, alerting, and reporting through a simple GUI, or full automation with the BitTitan SDK
  • Fine-grained command and control with Advanced Options
  • A wide range of support from Help Center documentation to available technical support
  • Continual enhancements to keep up with the needs of technology teams and changing workloads
  • Focus not only on technical ease and capabilities, but also on a consistent end-user experience


Remote and secure

Even with fully remote implementation, MigrationWiz maintains the highest levels of security protocols, including app-based authentication, token-based modern authentication, and least-privilege access. BitTitan adheres to all applicable security standards, practices, and controls –both required and recommended.

Before you plan your tenant-to-tenant cloud migration, check out all the information BitTitan provides to assure your success. Read the step-by-step guide to enterprise migration included in our white paper. This gives you insights into the five recommended migration steps. You’ll start with an assessment of your current and desired data state; then move on to planning your migration scenario. These first two steps are followed by scoping the project and conducting a proof-of-concept; migrating and monitoring the move; then finally wrapping up the project post-migration.

At BitTitan our goal is for every migration to be a smooth one. That’s why our MigrationWiz tool is so intuitive and easy to use. And it’s also why we want you to be well informed before embarking on any project. Click the link below to access the white paper, Secure Tenant-to-Tenant Migrations: Considerations for the Enterprise, and contact us if you have questions or would like to get started with a project.


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