Sharing Success, Partner to Partner

Sharing Success, Partner to Partner

We're not just about migrations anymore.

In fact, we haven’t been for some time.

We’re all about helping our partners become Modern MSPs with the best tools, information, and support we can give them.

Microsoft recently wrote:

BitTitan understood long ago that migration services were just the first step in a long and evolving journey – once you migrated your customer’s workloads to the cloud, what then?"

Whatever that next step is, we have plenty of resources to help you grow your business. As Dave Huth, BitTitan Director of Alliances, said,

"We work in lockstep with Microsoft’s current strategic initiatives, and see ourselves now as a cloud enablement partner."

This means we focus on where our partners can add value to customers’ IT through managed services. We use every opportunity to understand the challenges you face and the technology you'll be using.

Sharing the success


The most successful BitTitan partners are empowered to focus on the cloud, build recurring revenue, offer great value through differentiated solutions, and strengthen customer relationships.

We’re thrilled when we have an opportunity to celebrate a partner’s achievements. It's just as, if not more, exciting to us as when BitTitan does; we have a stake in the victory and the affirmation of our mission when it drives success in our partners.

We won't spoil the fun about how Microsoft's P2P

community helps us accomplish this; instead, you can

read all about it here.

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