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Google Migrations: Go With the EDU Expert

Saher Ghattas

I am very fortunate to have worked with many SaaS organizations, either for a three-month consulting period, or a full six months to a year service to help them in bootstrapping their sales and marketing engine. We believe that SaaS selling is a lot like sailing. I personally love sailing. In sailing, the goal is speed in knots per hour, the input is wind, and everything between is a conversion point, including the sails and the sailors. In SaaS, the goal is MRR in dollars per month, the input is leads, and everything in between is a conversion point, including the tools and the sales people.

While students and faculty are at home, it’s a good time for system upgrades that will enhance collaboration, access, and security. Many colleges, universities, and school systems are planning winter break migrations to move or consolidate tenants and even adopt new collaboration platforms.

If you’re using Google Workspace, MigrationWiz is the tool you need for migrating a wide variety of workloads: Mailboxes, documents, archives, and even collaboration platforms. You can take advantage of low education pricing to move from one Google instance to another, or from Google Workspace to Microsoft Teams. MigrationWiz handles all these workloads:

  • Gmail and Vault, including inbox, folders/labels, email, muted emails, contacts, calendars, and calendar notifications.
  • Drive, including files, folders, permissions, document history, comments, and more.
  • Shared Drives, including documents, permissions, versions, and metadata.

Great education pricing is one thing, but when you’re planning a migration, you should never skimp on experience, capabilities, and security. That’s why BitTitan has been the choice of educational institutions for more than 13 years.

Experienced experts are here to help

BitTitan has migrated thousands of students, faculty, and staff at hundreds of educational institutions all around the globe. While MigrationWiz is known for being intuitive and easy to use, you never have to go it alone, especially if your project is more complex. Our world-class Customer Success team are dedicated migration experts who can help you plan your project.

In fact, now is the perfect time to call so we can connect you with team members who have extensive experience in educational environments – including implementing complex Google Workspace migrations.

Fast, easy, and flexible

Educational institutions choose MigrationWiz because it’s fully automated and 100% SaaS. In fact, if you were expecting to sprint around campus in order to complete your migration, you may have to get your exercise some other way. With MigrationWiz you simply initiate your migration from one centralized dashboard, then use DeploymentPro – which is included – to automate Outlook configuration.

Don’t be fooled, though. Easy doesn’t mean basic. MigrationWiz is highly customizable with advanced options that give you full control over your migration. You’re always in charge of timing, testing, setup, and execution. You can also use project sharing to involve team members across departments for greater visibility and collaboration throughout the migration.

Top security with Azure datacenters

Security is top priority for every migration project, especially in educational settings. You’re responsible for protecting personal information from students and faculty, as well as proprietary documents and research. You must be able to ensure every bit of data is safe throughout the migration process. With MigrationWiz you get the extra security of Azure datacenters. And, your data is always encrypted and never stored.

With BitTitan by your side, you can get a lot done over winter break. So when faculty, staff, and students return, they might not even notice because they’ll be able to get started with the new semester without any disruptions.

Now’s the time to plan your migration

If you’re ready to implement a migration, there’s still time to put a plan in place. Contact us today to find out about education pricing for MigrationWiz and to learn how we can help make your migration a success.

There’s a lot of variation in how you can maximize speed via the interaction of those many factors, both in sailing and in sales, but at the end of the day, both are defined by physics, the quantitative relationship between inputs and conversion points. They define what sails to use under what conditions, how many sailors to staff, and what each of them should be doing.

Let’s start with a special number: 78. The number 78 is compounded over a 12-month cycle. For example, if you start in January and you acquire one new client (n) every month, and you never lose one, then at the end of December you will have gathered 78 months’ worth of revenue:


This special number allows you to determine, within reason, how much MRR you need to acquire to hit your target.


2016 ARR goal is $2,000,000

2015 ARR goal was      $440,000

NEW ARR in 2016 $1,560,00 divide by 78

Then your new MRR /month is $20,000

So, with your annual revenue goal and the number 78, you have determined the new MRR you need to secure each month to hit the annual recurring revenue target. The big question is how to staff against that target (which we define as SaaS metrics from MRR to leads). Let’s take the last example $20,000 in MRR for an ARR Stream of $2M.

Note: Most companies at the “beginning to scale” stage do not have these ratios down pat, but we have worked with a full range of SaaS organizations, so we will provide some default averages.

For Example: (Impact of CHURN on your Monthly NUMBERS)



  • $20,000 MRR Goal



  • Cross Sell: +7%



  • Upsell +3%



  • Assuming client Churn is -5%



  • Your month will be $21,100



Factors that will affect your calculations:



  • Cross Sell: New decision makers get involved to buy more/new services.



  • Upsell: The same decision makers buy more of the same services, for example more seats (expansion), or increase the service package at an increased price.



  • Renewal: The Same people buy the same service at the same or increased price when the contract expires, this can be either monthly, quarter or annually.



Factors that will involve revenue loss scenarios:



  • Lose a customer, you lose the revenue, the seat count and the logo.



  • Lose usage with the same number of customers. This can be a client downgrading its package for all its seats, resulting in a loss of revenue, yet you are not losing them as a customer, nor losing any seats.



  • Lose the seats: Fewer users inside your customer use your services. Some users may even increase usage. Logo churn is not impacted, revenue churn can even be positive, but you are now depending on fewer seats, thus your upsell/cross Sell potential is threatened.



Who is Responsible for Upsell/Cross Sell/ Renewal?

It is important to note that there are real differences between various types of SaaS business, “not one size fits all.” For example, a platform service such as a CRM and that of an application services such as a VOIP or UCaaS Services are very different.


CRM platform committed to a $5,000 in MRR for a Total ACV of $60,000 often has limited revenue upside. From 1- 1.2X. In this case the upselling/cross sell opportunity is treated more like a renewal with perhaps some seat additions. That being the case, a Customer Success Manager (CSM) with some training is likely able to do the job.

However, an application service such as a $10/month communication service is a different creature.

Think of a client whose West coast sales team buys a license for five seats at $50/month or $500 in ACV. In this case, the goal of the service team is to get all 500 users on the services. This means 100 times the upsell/cross sell opportunity. That is more complex.

The CSM in this case would only work on the onboarding process and get the first users happy, after that they signal to the AE (tier2) or AM (tier1) that the account is ready for upsell. Taking the above into account, and armed with the basic formula, we can now calculate the headcount needed to deliver against the first MRR goal.

Don’t over think this! All we need is to get a draft right. And there is always plenty of time to tune things. The key points are that your VP of Sales and your Marketing Manager need to work together to ensure that marketing is also covering the customer delicately during this process.

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