Three Lessons to Unlearn as a Modern MSP

Three Lessons to Unlearn as a Modern MSP

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On October 16, BitTitan partners will gather in Denver, Colorado for Elevate, the first-ever conference for the Modern MSP.  We'll share expertise, explore industry insights, pursue a competitive edge, and embrace opportunity in the changing industry with the new MSPComplete.

To help us get in the right mindset, we've invited "futurist" Jack Uldrich as our first keynote speaker.

Jack Uldrich is an award-winning author and recognized speaker who will address us about "unlearning" some assumptions and habits around technology, change management, and leadership.

By questioning the way we handle challenges, and reframing our approach to the future, we can plan strategically and thrive in a changing marketplace.

Begin unlearning now—starting with three misconceptions that hold ITSPs back from becoming Modern MSPs.

1. Automation is the solution.

We've said it before: Profitable automation requires a shift in perspective.

Automation doesn’t make a business more profitable by default. It's not a magic wand. Without understanding your delivery process and the profitability of the services you offer, automation may not add much value to your business.

Automation is powerful when intelligently used. By automating time-consuming, repetitive, and error-prone tasks, people are empowered to focus on the functions automation cannot improve: Customers, solution building, and problem solving. That's where real growth can happen.

2. Project-based revenue will always be available to drive business growth.

One-off projects have typically provided plenty of value and opportunity. ITSPs can learn the nuances of a particular organization's IT, develop a relationship with the company during the project, and become atrusted advisor, ready to serve the customer's next need.

These are important successes, but if you only sell project-based services, you're literally and figuratively selling yourself short.

The self-service nature of many cloud solutions means the rhythm and frequency of your project-based calls is declining as cloud adoption rises.

However, a powerful relationship and intimate knowledge of an organization's IT puts you in thebest position to offer ongoing managed services. It's a win-win if you can drive business outcomes with technology, increase lifetime value, and secure a stream of recurring revenue.

3. If you're not already an MSP, it's too risky and costly to make the leap to managed services.

At BitTitan, we strive to help partners overcome this idea. In fact, it's driven the direction of our platform. We believe that with automation, prescriptive guidance, and market-ready services, we can help anyone can become a profitable MSP.

With turnkey managed services, partners can go to market without spending a lot of time defining their services, developing pricing and go-to-market strategies, and training their teams to sell and deliver.

Automated services created by BitTitan experts reduce the risks associated with launching new services. There's no need to slow down day-to-day operations to explore new revenue streams. With profitability comes the freedom to grow your business, focus on what you do best, and help your people become happier every single day.

Do a little unlearning yourself.

One of the greatest opportunities for our partners at Elevate is to unlearn what they knew about BitTitan. We're tackling much bigger problems than just email and data migrations.

Want to unlearn more? Check out MSPComplete and how it works.

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