We Asked Our Developers: What Work Annoys You?

We Asked Our Developers: What Work Annoys You?

At BitTitan, if you ask one of our developers how long it will take to fix something, a popular answer is “two hours or six days.” It’s harder to convey in text than through voice, but rest assured there’s a dash of sarcasm in there.

We're on a mission to end annoying work. So we went to our dev team—the very individuals who are working hard to help us #EndAnnoyingWork—and asked what kinds of tasks and problems annoy them on the regular. Anonymity has been retained to prevent any internal finger-pointing...

Here are some of most popular answers, arranged into three themes, with memes! Do you totally relate?

“You’re joking, right?” When expectations are so unrealistic and your jaw hits the floor…

  • You’re forced sort out which is the actual priority. You could try to bump something off your list, but it’s all urgent, too.
  • There are twelve different tools and programming languages you're expected to use. They’ve popped up almost overnight, and that’s about how long you have to learn them.

  • Requirements for a project change but are not communicated. You're just supposed to know.


“Is that really necessary?” When you roll your eyes so much and wonder how you haven’t given up…

  • You must log into multiple systems to document the status of the work you've done. It takes more effort to show for the work than it does to complete the task itself.

  • The same question is repeatedly asked in a meeting by each person that hasn't been paying attention.

  • Just as you get back into a productive stride, you're interrupted. (It's truly incredible how a ten-second drive by can derail you for the rest of the hour.)


“Are we there yet?” When you’ve spent so much time on something that you’ve become a melting pot of anger, despair, and exhaustion…

  • The final design is never the final design. File names evolve from "final" to "FINAL final" to "DEFINITELY FINAL NO JOKE THIS IS THE ONE."
  • It's a struggle to adopt new processes. You fully experience the five stages of grief before the new way of doing things becomes a habit.
  • You end an important discussion under the impression you're on the same page, only to find out you need another meeting to get in sync.

We also learned that “deadline” and “new feature” are common trigger words. And never, ever say, “it would be cool if the platform could…”

Now we’d like to hear from you, our BitTitan partners.

What do you find annoying at work? Manual, repetitive tasks? Project managers breathing down your neck every half hour?

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