What Kind of MSP Are You? (Part 1)

What Kind of MSP Are You? (Part 1)

Knowing where to start can be just as difficult as knowing where to go.

We’re constantly trying to become better at what we do and how we do it. For an MSP looking for new ways to add value to its business, there are challenges at every stage of growth.

In this series, we’ll feature MSPs at different stages of growth. Find your match and see what steps you can take to become your best MSP!

MSP Persona #1

what kind of MSP

MSPs pivoting towards managed services models with recurring revenue face a lot of unknowns. With the right tools, patience, and a plan, they can successfully transition into a Modern MSP.

What they think

think-icon-002Wants to build a business with a recurring revenue model for managed services without too much capital. Needs the tools to securely manage environments, be responsive, and complete traditional IT functions.


What they care about

care-icon-002Moving away from one and done projects, building customer lifetime value, and smoothly transitioning in new revenue streams.


What they use

tools-icon-002Project management and automation tools to increase their efficiency and managed services bandwidth.  With materials like the Cloud Profitability eBook, they’re learning how to transition their business model.


Where they're going

going-icon-002A business model where they have enough customers to generate revenue with less effort to sell and deliver services.


New Modern MSPs are well-positioned to find opportunities in existing projects! Use your relationship with current customers to establish yourself as a trusted advisor and recommend project-based support after migration.

Create your opportunities to start delivering managed services on a small scale as you transition to relying on them for business.

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