5 Ways for MSPs to Introduce Automation

5 Ways for MSPs to Introduce Automation

Automation is on the rise as a way to increase revenue. As an MSP, how do you drive greater automation in your services offerings? If you’re still trying to identify what to automate, ZDNet—with the help of Gartner Analyst Rob Dunie—has five key ways to introduce automation to your organization.



  • Have a plan. Before you automate your processes, identify the business outcomes you want to achieve. Dunie explains that success “must begin with the company deciding what it wants to accomplish with the technology, and how it will measure success.” Overlooking this planning stage can lead to confusion and unwanted outcomes.



  • Map automation. Once you’ve identified specific and measurable goals, the next step is to chart which parts of the process will benefit from automaton. ZDNet recommends mapping with a “two-by-two matrix” that involves: 1) changes to the customer experience, and 2) the practical nature of the automation.



  • Get people on board. Building the right team for the transition can make all the difference. For Dunie, this often means outsourcing to a third-party firm or project manager. “It makes a lot of sense, particularly in the early stages around planning your digital transformation initiatives, to bring in an outside consultant or professional services.”



  • Talk about it. Automation can dramatically impact the daily tasks of your working environment, so it’s important to educate all employees on what lies ahead. Employees will be looking for answers to questions. Dunie suggests that thoroughly explaining changes to your organization is the best course of action because lack of understanding can negatively impact overall job performance.



  • Don’t get bamboozled. In other words, don’t buy in to a sales pitch for a product that you don’t need. Despite its growing presence, automation is still new for many businesses. Be careful, and a little skeptical, about which processes are being considered for automation. Dunie points out that “IT leaders [should] be very clear as to what types of automation they are looking to introduce.”



Automation is on the rise, but keeping it simple is still the key for MSPs and their clients. The most effective choices are those that help both established and growing businesses eliminate busywork and help the overall organization.


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