70% of CIOs are Waking Up: Be First with the Coffee

70% of CIOs are Waking Up: Be First with the Coffee

Look, you can either drown in infrastructure and people, or you can accelerate time to market. That’s the message many CIOs are waking up to this year. These are the proactive CIOs—the torch-bearing executives recognized for their thought leadership—and they are beginning to recognize that they need your help.

In fact, a recent IBM study found that 70 percent of proactive CIOs are thinking outside traditional methods and kicking their goals over to MSPs who understand the cloud. They understand that a modern MSP can help them get more out of their time by simplifying daily management and automating processes in the cloud.

"We’ve been charged with speeding up time-to-market, both for the products we sell and for our own internal tools," CTO of TeliaSonera Kalev Reiljan says in the report. "We need to operate more like a start-up.”

Reiljan's situation is far from uncommon in today's changing tech climate. As technology and the cloud evolves, businesses are expected to move faster. Relying on tweaks is a quick way to make your businesses irrelevant. Now is the make or break time for them to embrace the change before it disrupts their industries. Trying to do it themselves though may cause more harm than good if they don't have the right internal resources on hand. MSPs like yourself can minimize this risk, putting changes in the hands of experts who know it best.

CIOs across the country are all coming to this conclusion and adapting to the new paradigm. Now is as good as time as any to get on their wavelength and show them that their company will be in, well, good company. Your customers are ready for change. Are you?

The full IBM study has some juicy stats and perspectives that might be a good read for modern MSPs.

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