Five Steps to Cloud Adoption

Five Steps to Cloud Adoption

Are you a trusted advisor to your customers? (You might have heard that it’s one of the hallmarks of a Modern MSP). Being a trusted advisor is about more than giving advice—it’s about knowing your customer and what they’re going through. For example, let's talk about cloud adoption and its role in the industry.

As you help more of your customers move to the cloud, there are some common stages that many companies face. In short, cloud adoption doesn’t end with migration — it's just the beginning.

A recent slideshow by Darryl K. Taft  in the IT industry blog eWEEK outlined what one IT Services Provider sees as the five stages of cloud adoption. These include:

1) Migration - They dip their toes in and then ease into more production workloads over time.

2) Acknowledge Complexity – They realize that all the positive benefits of cloud come with a little more intricacy. Time to level-up skills.

3) Address Cost Savings – They kick off cloud optimization projects to reduce and reallocate costs.

4) Implement Automation – They begin to reduce the complexity of management and workflows through automation.

5) Customize – Their use has matured and they can now shift focus to getting more from cloud services.

Understanding these steps gives you better insight into the mind of your customer. The cloud is a vast and complex solution that takes some easing into. That's where you come in. Having expertise in the cloud invaluable to businesses looking to adopt. The right Modern MSP can help them get there. Taft's observations in the article are crucial to helping your current and future customers make it through this often laborious process. Whether they're at migration or customization stage, understanding each step gives you better context for what their mindset may be before you jump in.

Check out the original eWEEK article to get the full story.

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