Moving Customers from Break/Fix to Managed Services

Moving Customers from Break/Fix to Managed Services

What’s the #1 objection of small businesses? According to Karl Palachuk in a recent LogicNow article, it’s that they are “getting what we need right now.” The problem is they aren’t. But they’re the last ones to know it. So how do you get buy-in for managed services from a small business caught in a break/fix mentality, especially when they would rather kick the expense down the road?

The first problem to overcome is that they view you the same as they view every other provider. You and all your competition look the same to them: the same services, the same benefits, and the same desire to make money. According to Palachuk, you don’t talk about what you do or why you’re better, in fact: “Don’t mention anything that’s the same—focus 100% on what’s different.”

Palachuk's comments on differentiation are poignant in today's crowded IT market. What's also important is understanding that it's a common problem that many managed service providers face when working to bolster their customer base. It's a life lesson we learn early on, to be yourself and embrace what it is that makes you unique.

"If your competition is your competition, then you need to differentiate yourself from your competition," Palachuk adds. "If your competition is yourself, then you need to differentiate your break/fix business from your managed service."

So next time you're trying to sell your services to a potential client, keep in mind that they're already being courted by other MSPs and firms with similar skill sets as your own. Let them know that a break/fix mentality won't work in the longterm and that your unique abilities and insights can help them plan for obstacles farther down the road. You'll both come out ahead in the end.

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