Racing to the Cloud: Gartner Ranks Top IaaS Vendors

Racing to the Cloud: Gartner Ranks Top IaaS Vendors

In case you missed it, last month Gartner published its annual Magic Quadrant on Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and here’s what we know: the leaders remain the same.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) reserves the top slot, and rightfully so. Being first-to-market has been great for AWS, whose maturity has allowed for quick innovation. They have created a standard of service within the cloud, which, according to Gartner’s evaluation, includes a “diverse customer base and the broadest range of use cases….” And while there is a clear learning curve for anyone jumping into the cloud, AWS remains agile in their endeavors by offering training and certification programs to help new adoptees adhere to best practices.

Microsoft Azure comes in a close “second.” Described by Gartner as “a large and diversified technology vendor,” Microsoft is nipping at the heels of AWS with the launch and promotion of Azure (both as PaaS and IaaS).

Microsoft’s seems primed to take on AWS with Azure, a global reach, and strong network of partners. According to Gartner’s report, “Microsoft has been rapidly rolling out new features and services…that are not only leading stand-alone offerings, but also seamlessly extend and incorporate with on-premises Microsoft infrastructure….” Microsoft has moved away from a strictly Windows-based business and invested in new technology and processes. Once it irons out the remaining bugs, it will be primed and ready to go toe-to-toe with AWS in the cloud.

Holding a distant and isolated third place, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is just about three years into its venture. Late to the game, GCP has some serious catching up to do, and Google is hoping that by touting its innovation around big data, analytics, and machine learning, it will be able to close the gap.


While AWS is currently the Gold Standard in cloud and has forced others, most notable Microsoft, to either step-up or get out, don’t rule Google out of the race just yet—they’re young, they’re fresh and they’re investing heavily into innovative, next-gen technology.

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