Security & Business Continuity for the SMB

Security & Business Continuity for the SMB

Information security is a multi-dimensional problem. It goes well beyond user access control to extend into areas of detection, prevention, filtering, and removal.

Small and midsized businesses (SMBs) need to look beyond these security measures to ensure business continuity. The SMB’s information assets must also be protected from accidental data loss due to user error, system failures, or catastrophic events. Therefore, traditional security methods must be accompanied by the right data backup and disaster recovery regimen.

For example, a successful managed backup solution could save your organization countless hours of down time and huge sums of money in the avoidance of popular threats that we face today, such as the recent CryptoLocker virus.

Also, different industries impose different regulatory and compliance measures for protecting the privacy of customer data. Therefore, a security and business continuity solution that is tailored for the needs of the SMB must include any industry-specific requirements for managing their data.

As business information systems move to the cloud, security and business continuity must be ensured. A ModernMSP will have identified the most appropriate technologies and processes for securing cloud-based IT solutions delivered to and protecting the SMB from data loss as it transitions to the cloud.

The Modern MSP can provide a number of services to address these challenges, including email security, endpoint security, information security, and business continuity services. They can offer a variety of deployment services to customize and integrate these solutions to meet the SMB’s business requirements and to suit their IT environment.

After deployment, the ModernMSP can provide traditional help desk support for any end user-facing applications, and monitor the various security systems and services—as well as provide remediation for any data loss events or security threats that are detected.

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