SMB Crystal Ball: Finding Value in the New Cloud Paradigm

SMB Crystal Ball: Finding Value in the New Cloud Paradigm

Have you noticed how dramatically the technology world is changing? It’s now all about working with the right technology partner for today’s technology.

Until very recently, we have lived many decades in a “technology” world—call it technology for the sake of technology. You know that world: mainframes, mini-computers, PCs, laptops, networking gear, big software, PBXs, etc. All of these used to enable business. And in this model, you had the VAR (Value Added Reseller) and Interconnect (Telephony VAR) delivering and maintaining this on-premises “stuff.” There really wasn’t much in terms of “solutions” that focused dead-center on the business goals and objectives that we now call business outcomes. Circa “today,” enter the cloud paradigm and the Modern MSP. By the way, my company (SBT Partners) is a Modern MSP.

The Modern MSP is much more than a reseller of technology, i.e., VAR and Interconnect. Modern MSPs provide an integrated portfolio of cloud solutions and, combined with your added-value services, will bring significant business benefit to the SMB.

By applying their knowledge and understanding of the SMBs’ business needs to the deployment and delivery of cloud-based IT services, Modern MSPs become a valuable business partner for many years to come. The SMB will rely on the Modern MSP to know when and how to migrate their expensive on-premises infrastructure into the cloud in a secure, reliable, and non-disruptive way. This will save money and provide greater flexibility and scalability for future growth and expansion.

The value of this business and technology partnership will appeal to SMBs who seek to eliminate the high cost of hardware and software as they apply the cutting-edge technology tools to their business. It will improve their competitiveness, productivity, and cost-efficiency while protecting their information assets from data loss or a security breach.

The new cloud paradigm needs Modern MSPs to provide the right technology, at the right level for its customers, at the right time. And, the Modern MSP needs to be the right technology partner—today.

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