SMB Fear of the Cloud

SMB Fear of the Cloud

Major business changes can be a scary. For small/mid-sized businesses (SMBs), deviating from the status quo can be exceptionally worrisome. This Halloween we wanted to help explain away a few of the things that go bump in the night by addressing some of the top fears an SMB may have toward the cloud and business automation.

Let’s start with the spooky.

For SMBs, this is a critical component to success. Driven by a variety of factors, SMBs have always struggled to survive in the market. In fact, according to McKinsey & Company research, “Fifty percent of SMBs do not survive beyond three years.” SMBs are not always experts in technology, but they are always looking for ways to optimize their job performance and reduce their bottom line. As a result, MSPs are in a fantastic position to help alleviate the worry of the SMB by providing the needed technical expertise. Despite the obvious need for cloud solutions, SMBs still struggle with adoption and are unintentionally sidelined by fear of the unknown—which brings us to the scary.

Some SMBs tentatively approach these mysterious cloud services with a mindset that the cloud will change everything I do regarding already established business processes. And while “cloud-based software is revolutionizing the way that SMBs do business,” it will not change everything, according to John Davis, Managing Director of BCSG. SMBs might feel the cloud is best suited for enterprise customers and not a small or mid-sized business.

And the biggest fear of all SMBs shying away from cloud services, the fear of the creepy & crawly:

For SMBs, especially those operating in a vertical dealing with protected data like healthcare or finance, understanding and limiting access to data is critical to success. SMBs in these fields know that on-premises data is secure, but might not be clear about the potential security risks involved once they move data to the cloud.

A growing market share, the SMB space represents a great opportunity for MSPs to move toward profitability. And while many SMBs have embraced cloud technologies and business process automation, others have remained fearful of the change.

Cloud services are an obvious and much-needed transition for many SMBs, for the remaining, the thought of moving the entire business to the cloud is simply a matter of “too much too soon.” The fear is real, the concern is frightening, and the thought of making the transition on their own and failing can be terrifying. By understanding compliance and regulations, technology evolution, and the need for impeccable customer services, MSPs can help to protect SMBs from the things that go bump in the night.

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