April 2022 Product Update

April 2022 Product Update
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MigrationWiz Google Source Updates

Users often site UX and UI improvements as the enhancements that are the most practical. After all, with the many processes and protocols we must follow in any complex endeavor, making a tool easier to use or a task simpler is generally the most helpful.

With that in mind, MigrationWiz is making it a little easier to perform migrations when Google is the Source environment. These new feature updates help MigrationWiz be that much easier to use.

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Auto provisioning of Shared Mailboxes

MigrationWiz now supports the provisioning of Shared Mailboxes for Google Groups to Microsoft Shared Mailbox migrations. This is an optional UX enhancement for the user and does not require any licenses. This option of “Setting up Shared Mailbox” is available under the “Full Migration” tab.

Find out how to implement in our migration guide.

Update of Autodiscover feature for Google Drive

The Autodiscover process within MigrationWiz can be used to discover items from the Source environment, so that they can be imported into your projects. Autodiscover can now be used on Google Drive for destinations such as OneDrive, Dropbox, SharePoint, and SharePoint GCC/China.

Learn more in these migration guides.

Update of Autodiscover feature for Google Groups

Autodiscover is also a new enhancement to Google Groups source endpoint. This option allows you to generate a list of Google Groups as MigrationWiz will automatically discover all the relevant Google Groups available under the Google Administrator area provided in the Source setting. Once the discovery process is completed, you can click the button “Import Items” or choose to download the CSV file for edits.

Learn more in these two-migration guides.

With these new improvements to MigrationWiz, we at BitTitan are committed to make MigrationWiz easier to use for the professionals who spend their time and energy ensuring productivity never misses a beat and data is where it needs to be.

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