Double the Size of Your Office 365 Migration Projects

Double the Size of Your Office 365 Migration Projects

Don't leave money on the table.


Many BitTitan Partners have increased their profit margins by upselling OneDrive to their Office 365 customers. If you migrate email without even offering to move documents, you're walking away from a big opportunity.

Document Migration is designed to give you total control over the project and allow you to manage your cutover properly. You can migrate from file shares, home drives, Google Drive, Dropbox, and many other sources—and it’s flexible, so you can address the unique situation of each customer.


Three reasons to upsell OneDrive to your customers:

  • Double your deal size with a valuable, additional migration service. Adding documents to an Office 365 migration is a substantial increase in project scope, but we make the migration itself very straightforward. A larger project isn't just more revenue for you, but more value for your customers.
  • Differentiate your business from others who are only doing email migrations. Email is the tip of the spear for the cloud, but email migration is becoming old news. Exchange Online is easier to sell now that customers understand the concept of Office 365. Why not stand out and expand your portfolio by offering document migration?
  • Moving documents to OneDrive is faster than ever. Last year we expanded our document migration capabilities. The Lightspeed feature moves documents to OneDrive six to seven times faster so you can grow your profit margins and shorten your project timelines.


Use the same MigrationWiz interface for the whole project—emails, documents, and even more workloads.


More Document Migration features:

  • Multi-pass and delayed migration
  • Large distributed system so you can run hundreds of migrations with one click
  • Real-time reporting that you can follow for each account
  • Office 365 tenant detection
  • OneDrive storage automatically provisioned for every user
  • Office 365 administrative authentication
  • Migration of source file system hierarchy to the destination
  • Conversion to a format known by the destination system—for example, if you’re going from Google Drive to OneDrive Pro, documents are converted to docx format, so you can keep working on your document online
  • Permission migration, including users, groups, links and domain permissions


Just moving email? Not anymore.


Increase the profitability for your projects and don't leave money on the table.

Document Migration is as easy as a few clicks from MigrationWiz—and can provide the increase in revenue you’ve been looking for. Learn more and get started today!


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