Feature Spotlight: Hybrid Scheduler in MigrationWiz

Feature Spotlight: Hybrid Scheduler in MigrationWiz

The release of Hybrid Exchange Management features to MigrationWiz this fall has already helped many customers in their transition from on-prem Exchange to Microsoft 365. We're not looking to re-engineer the entire hybrid process, but instead bring additional project management and automation benefits to increase efficiency and lower resource needs for hybrid consultants and end users.

In this post, we explore one component of the batch management features: the Hybrid Scheduler.





Start Your Sync...Automatically

The greatest benefit to using MigrationWiz for hybrid projects is automation. From importing users and creating batches to delegate handling and notifications, we've taken the traditional steps of PowerShell scripting and management via CSVs and integrated them into a streamlined flow within MigrationWiz.

With the introduction of the scheduling feature, customers can now specify a date and time they would like batches to begin syncing and/or finalizing. This provides additional flexibility to consultants or internal IT teams managing batches in a larger hybrid project. They can choose to sync or finalize batches during off-hours without having to be at their computer to push "go", or set batches to finalize on a specific schedule to ensure project deadlines are met. Automated notifications around project status, including errors, can be set to monitor scheduled activities, too.


Scheduling Projects in MigrationWiz

Scheduling a sync or finalization pass is simple: once batches are set and ready to be migrated, customers can click the "Start Sync" or "Start Finalization" to access the flyout menu.

Here customers are presented with a few licensing and notification options, including the ability to schedule these steps to start at a specified date and time. Note the date and time will reflect local time of the customer using MigrationWiz.



Each batch has their own scheduling option, allowing for a single resource to manage and monitor progress on all batches in a given project.

Want to learn more about hybrid migrations with MigrationWiz? Catch a short demo here or a longer video on this feature with the Hybrid Exchange Management on-demand webinar below.



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