Help Colleges & Save with Discounted Mailbox Migration

Help Colleges & Save with Discounted Mailbox Migration

Ready to get student users onboarded to Office 365? BitTitan will get you there with special BitTitan pricing for educational institutions.

In the past, universities and colleges have not migrated student accounts due to the exorbitant amount of existing student mailboxes. As a result, there is a very high price tag associated with moving so many accounts, and universities typically have smaller budgets.

Offering the same Mailbox Migration feature you know at a significantly reduced price allows BitTitan Partners like you to make a stronger case when approaching educational institutions to move to Office 365, and reduce the Partner’s overall migration costs.

Students will be able to share and co-edit their schoolwork using Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote in real time—anywhere, any time, on any device.

  • BitTitan’s Education offering is the same offering as the Mailbox Migration SKU, at a reduced rate.
  • This pricing is only valid for the destination to Office 365 student accounts. It comes with a significant EDU license price reduction of 50% off of the regular mailbox migration license.
  • Use BitTitan’s free HealthCheck for Office 365: BitTitan partners can verify that computers meet the minimum system requirements for Office 365.
  • MigrationWiz will audit all education license purchases to ensure that they are student mailboxes.

This new price reduction is a great conversation-starter: Get started in the new year with a new project that helps colleges take advantage of the benefits of Office 365. Contact sales(at) to find out more today.

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