Introducing the Tenant Migration Bundle from BitTitan

Introducing the Tenant Migration Bundle from BitTitan

Welcome to chapter two of the cloud migration market.

In chapter one, we saw businesses of all kinds move away from on-prem hardware maintenance and patching towards a more secure and accessible future for their users and data. Documents and other workloads followed as more applications and organizations became “cloud-first.” And soon nearly everyone who could move, did.

We turned the page to chapter two a couple years ago when the number of migrations from on-prem servers to the cloud was surpassed by something else: migrations between cloud environments.

As adoption of Microsoft/Office 365 has grown, so too has the need to migrate between tenants during the course of a merger, acquisition, divestiture, or simply a consolidation of environments. Gartner observed this trend in their 2021 update to the Market Guide for Cloud Office Migration Tools. And for the foreseeable future, it shows no signs of slowing down.

At BitTitan, we’ve invested heavily in features and capabilities to support moves between tenants. We pride ourselves on being a tool that can support you or your client’s mission to improve your cloud office infrastructure. We hope to make that even easier with the introduction of a new license: the Tenant Migration Bundle.


What is the Tenant Migration Bundle?

The Tenant Migration Bundle is a promotional per-user bundle for all people and data in your cross-tenant migration project. Much like our User Migration Bundle, which covers multiple workloads for a single user in a project, the Tenant Migration Bundle covers data stored in Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams – the most commonly-used applications in this cloud office suite.


Rather than buy separate licenses for each workload – or use different tools entirely – we’re giving customers the power to move all components of a tenant with a single license. No professional services, additional fees, or special certifications required.

The TMB is comprised of two components:

  • User Migration Bundle: this is our most popular SKU covering mailboxes, documents, personal archives, and enables the use of DeploymentPro, our automated Outlook configuration tool, to flip profiles post-migration.
  • Flex Collaboration License: this new license from BitTitan enabling you to move Teams or SharePoint data.

The User Migration Bundles can be applied as they always have to cover mailbox and OneDrive data with no data limit. The new Flex Collaboration license can be applied to either a Teams migration or a SharePoint document library, carrying a 100 GB data limit per license.  

For every four Tenant Migration Bundles purchased, we will provide one Flex Collaboration license to use for either of these workloads.


Why buy the Tenant Migration Bundle?

It comes down to simplicity. In most scenarios, the Tenant Migration Bundle will have everything a user needs to migrate from A to B. Just like the tool itself, we want to make it easy to move between tenants. Providing a single license for all workloads in the project – and a tool that can support it all – is the best way to lower the training curve, cost, and complexity with these sorts of projects.

This is a new license type so don’t hesitate to get in touch with the BitTitan sales team to help scope your next project.


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