March 2019 Product Release Notes

March 2019 Product Release Notes
Product Release Notes contain information about updates, upgrades and new features for BitTitan solutions and services. For the most current information, visit the Product Announcements section in the BitTitan Help Center. For additional questions, visit the Community Forums.



MigrationWiz Improvements

As part of our ongoing efforts to simplify and improve error messages throughout the solution, we have altered the alert when a non-encoded URL is provided by user when creating a SharePoint endpoint. The alert formerly displayed to the user was not helpful and was inaccurate. See below for the updated message.


MigrationWiz Bug Fixes

UI Improvements: fixed a UI issue whereby purchase details were truncated and unreadable on the billing history screen due to insufficient table width.

Mobile Responsiveness: fixed an issue whereby there were two different waffle menus on top left and right navigation. After the fix, the right waffle menu has been updated with a "user" icon to differentiate user-related functions.

Landing Page: fixed an issue whereby users reach an old MigrationWiz landing page with no projects created. Users are now correctly directed to the Workgroup page.



New Task Library Components

Office 365: Update Mailbox Connectivity

Microsoft Teams: Archive/Unarchive Teams

Active Directory: Delete Users

MSPComplete Tasks: Transpose CSV; select values from CSV


Updated Task Library Components

Office 365:

  • Grant/remove full access permissions
  • Grant/remove send-as permissions
  • Grant/remove send-on-behalf permissions
  • Create users individually or bulk user task updates

Microsoft Excel:

  • Populate Excel template; updated to handle five (5) CSV files
MSPComplete Bug Fixes

Office 365: import users into MSPComplete is now updated to include non-Exchange users

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