October 2021 Product Release Notes

October 2021 Product Release Notes
Product Release Notes contain information about updates, upgrades and new features for BitTitan solutions and services. For the most current product information, visit the BitTitan Help Center.

At BitTitan we consistently get high marks for our attention to detail. We also hear from users that our documentation is second to none. So this month we’re announcing new features, updates, and help topic changes to make sure your migrations keep running smoothly. Here are highlights of what’s new and improved with MigrationWiz:

MigrationWiz Now Moves Google Groups to Microsoft Shared Mailboxes

At BitTitan we never stop thinking about the IT professionals working weekends to complete migrations. We're always striving to make your life easier. With that in mind, we've added a new ability to move Google Groups to Microsoft 365. We've also made improvements for Teams migrations.

Few migration tools focus on Google Groups. Either you take time and resources to write your own scripts, or you use multiple tools to complete the migration. Security is also a factor. You must make sure to only touch the data you need to migrate and keep all the data in the region you're working. Another issue that can be problematic is setting up a project with multiple document libraries belonging to multiple sites all at once or in phases. These scenarios are tedious and prone to errors. To help ease some of these issues, BitTitan has introduced new capabilities when migrating shared mailboxes.

Simplify Google Groups migrations

 Some migration tools require you use their consulting services – for an additional fee. MigrationWiz provides a seamless way to migrate members and conversations from Google Groups to Microsoft Shared Mailboxes, including message body and attachments as well as metadata such as dates, subjects, and recipients. For any Google Workspace to Microsoft migration, MigrationWiz only requires the administrator details and Google APIs. Using Google APIs ensures high fidelity and data security.

Flexibility for IT project planning

MigrationWiz gives you the flexibility to plan your project in phases depending on project cutover timelines.. You can choose to schedule your cutover over a longer period and keep the Destination and Source in sync with periodic migration passes. MigrationWiz also allows a trial migration, so you can ensure that the configuration is correct.

Google Groups prerequisites and limitations

There are a few prerequisites to be aware of before you start a Google Groups migration:

  1. Enable relevant Google APIs for the service account.
  2. This migration requires a Google Vault license for the Source endpoint administrator.
  3. Shared mailbox and member users must be provisioned at the Destination tenant.
  4. You will need to enable conversation history on the Google Groups setting.
  5. MigrationWiz Mailbox or User Migration Bundle (UMB) licenses are required.

Note: MigrationWiz uses PowerShell to migrate project line items. Since there’s an inherited concurrency limitation of 3-line items per run per administrator, we recommend you utilize the Advance Option “UseMultiAdmin” to enable the use of up to 5 administrator credentials to increase the concurrency, configure the maximum number of concurrent migrations to 3 or to create multiple projects to accommodate all the line items.

This fresh addition to the Mailbox and UMB licenses means more value for the same great product. Plus, no more writing your own scripts or having to use multiple tools. There’s also no need to pay consultants when one easy, seamless tool does it all. Simplify your next project.

Refer to the Google Groups to Microsoft 365 Shared Mailbox migration guide for more info.

Improvements in Teams: OneNote, Dark Mode Compatibility, and Channel Tabs

Our dedicated engineers continue to make advancements to all aspects of MigrationWiz. This quarter we created more enhancements for Teams migrations.

We discovered some notable behaviors in Teams when migrating OneNote. In the past, if a site asset document library did not exist,for example if there was no default OneNote, the migration would fail. Now if a site asset document library does not exist at the Source, instead of failing the migration, MigrationWiz logs an error and doesn’t migrate those site assets.

Also, we noted that previous Teams conversations migrated  with the dark mode setting were not rendered correctly and appeared unreadable. We've resolved this issue so Teams conversations migrated with dark mode will be rendered correctly.

We also made a change regarding channel tabs. If there’s a change in the source, like a tab name or tab link on the initial migration pass, you can run another migration pass  selecting channel tabs and get the tab changes migrated to the Destination.

Documentation Updates

Not to be outdone by our engineers, the documentation team has updated and added new articles to support your migration projects.

New articles

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Article updates

Exchange Migration Setup & Planning FAQ 

SharePoint & OneDrive Migration FAQs 

MigrationWiz: the Migration Process 

Folder Filtering & Mapping in MigrationWiz 



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