Office 365 Ready or Not? HealthCheck is Here

Office 365 Ready or Not? HealthCheck is Here

Are you using HealthCheck before your Office 365 migrations?

Did you know…

  • An estimated 31% of end-user desktops are running an OS version NOT compatible with Office 365
  • An estimated 43% of end-users are using a primary internet browser NOT compatible with Office 365

If you do a lot of migrations to Office 365 you are probably familiar with these numbers because you’ve likely had more than one of your projects derailed by a lack of compatibility with user desktop software. Sure, operating systems and browsers can be easily updated, but did you include that time and effort in your original statement of work? And will your client be happy about delays to their migration timeline while you remediate these issues?

BitTitan HealthCheck is a utility that will help you eliminate these issues once and for all. After you deploy the ultralight HealthCheck agent to user desktops and on-premises email severs (no installation required), HealthCheck automatically reports back the critical information you need to make sure your customer is 100% ready to start their Office 365 migration. HealthCheck determines:

  • Operating system compatibility – verify all desktops are running an OS supported by Office 365 and Office Pro Plus
  • Internet browser compatibility – verify all desktops have installed a browser compatible with Office 365
  • Bandwidth levels – ensure sufficient bandwidth is available from all locations to connect to Office 365
  • Existing Office compatibility – verify all desktops have a compatible version of Office installed for Office 365 email and shared documents

The best part is that HealthCheck is completely free. Simply start an Office 365 migration through MigrationWiz and HealthCheck is immediately available to you - FREE. Try it on your next Office 365 migration! Sign-in to your MigrationWiz account to get started.

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