Automate Everything

Automate Everything

"If you can fully automate everything, I mean, it would save so much time," says Matt Ryrie of Betach Solutions Inc. in the video above.

He's not wrong. The excitement Ryrie has for automation is expressed throughout the industry. In an era where deliverables run at warp speed, automation is crucial to staying competitive.

"As we grow and as we build upon this recurring business model and become more and more a managed service provider, we have to automate processes otherwise we won't be able to handle larger volumes of customers and keep our customer service focus," adds Mark Alexander of ISC.

As he so aptly summarizes, automation isn't just about filling an immediate need but looking forward to the type of growth you anticipate in the future. The sheer volume of demands will always go up and your customers are going to solutions that help them stay up-to-speed while also not getting sidetracked from their end goal. A business without automation is sluggish and a pain for employees. Menial work that takes up hours of time and money can now be taken care of with a fraction of the stress and effort.

"We don't have people who are in charge of opening or closing projects anymore. We've essentially automated all of that," says Chris Lehr of Strategic Projects & Services. "If I see something that's going to take too long, we fix that problem."

MSPs, now more than ever, need to be prepared to solve these puzzles. Think of them as tech sudoku. The problem is right there in front of you, with the gaps waiting to be filled. That's where automation comes in.

Automation is the future for MSPs and your customers. But don't take our word for it - listen to what these MSPs have to say about the importance to automate in this testimonial video.

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