Cloud 101: A Primer for the SMB

Cloud 101: A Primer for the SMB

Cloud computing is any technology delivered over the internet that historically has been delivered at the client site. Great – but what does that mean? The cloud has been a buzzword for a few years now, but cloud computing has been marred with confusion, with SMBs trying to determine which new technology to adopt.

Simply put, cloud computing is technology that is owned, housed and maintained by someone else, and you pay a monthly fee to use it – what you want, and how much you want, based on your business needs.

Why do you need cloud computing today? We have a very mature internet that works flawlessly now. High-speed and cost-effective broadband networks are ubiquitous. A technology innovation called server virtualization has dramatically brought down the cost of powerful computing.

Okay, that's all fine, but what’s in it for the SMB? You now have operational expenses versus capital expenses for your technology. SMBs now have cost effective access to Fortune 500 type technology solutions. You have access to many new subscription-based solutions and applications that can be turned on quickly to benefit your business – including your remote and mobile workers. Your technologies are now scalable up, and down, to your needs. Built-in enterprise redundancy ensures your services and applications are always available. And, last but not least, many layers of security to protect your intellectual property.

At the end of the day, cloud computing equals enterprise technology that are available cost effectively for the SMB and delivered via technology as a service – just like many of your utility bills – all for the benefit of creating successful business outcomes.

This educational animated video above from SBT Partners will help you as you begin navigating the cloud and its vast resources. For SMBs, this is your chance to take advantage of a new, more powerful set of tools without having to empty out your wallet.

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