Selling Multiple Workloads with OneDrive

Selling Multiple Workloads with OneDrive


Multi-workload migrations. They’re a great way to increase your profits on your projects. And you should have that conversation with the customers you are already working with. Why? Because it’s a lot more efficient to increase projects with customers you’re already working with… rather than going out and hunting down more customers who are ready to migrate their email. Besides, everyone has home drives that are ripe for migrating to OneDrive.

Above, you'll find this fireside chat video featuring Microsoft MVP Jethro Seghers and BitTitan's own Suzy McClure discussing how to get started selling and migrating to OneDrive as part of your projects.

"Everybody has a home drive, right?" Seghers says in the video. "With Microsoft FastTrack incentives, attaching OneDrive For Business zero migration projects can increase the professional services revenue via partner by 50 percent."

A 50 percent boost in revenue is nothing to scoff at. As Seghers explains, getting your customers on board with multi-workload migrations can make an astoundingly massive impact on their business - which means a benefit to your own business as well. It's a win-win for everybody.

Not just that, but the integration also makes for incredible usability across users within a company. It breaks down the barriers that halt production and give you a more seamless process. After revenue, there's little more that a company could ask for.

"Because of the nature of the product and the way that you share information, it's going to force a collaboration," Seghers adds. If you want to work more effectively and seamlessly, then you'll need the products and solutions that are going to set you up best to do it. Watch the full video to get more insights from Seghers on what OneDrive can do for your customers and how to best sell them on the features it provides.

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