Should MSPs Invest in Azure?

Should MSPs Invest in Azure?

"The opportunities in Azure are endless. There’s so many different things that Azure can do, and there’s so many partnerships that Microsoft keeps creating, and options that are going to be available."

–Tony Pagnuasat, Perficient

"I think about Azure in two ways: There’s this Infrastructure as a Service, which is basically everything that your customers are currently doing on premises, like SQL, Windows Server, and all that infrastructure to run their business—all of that can be now moved into Azure.

The second opportunity with Azure is Platform as a Service. And that’s the opportunity to build apps, websites, solutions on top of Azure that you can then monetize—and that is only limited by your imagination."

–Michelle Markham, Microsoft

"If you have an international company, and you have everything in a co-lo that’s here in the states, their going to have a lot of latency. Where if we put it up in Azure, we’re able to actually control that."

–Rex Miller, Flex Manage

"I think there will come a point in the future where there is very little on premises, if anything. I think most things will eventually get developed to be cloud-enabled or cloud-aware, and therefore they can be successfully ported into these environments."

–John Filippis, Quorum

"It can fundamentally almost address any kind of customer problem when you think about it. It can be the platform to build applications; it can be the platform to understand data; it can be the platform to remove costs from your business; it can be the platform to stream and process video—it can be a thousand different things."

–Philip Goldie, Microsoft

"We can, not just move the services to Azure and charge for the billing of it, but we can actually provide the managed service. So, we are the one-stop-shop for all the customer’s technology needs—which is something we’ve been striving to do since the 90s but now we can actually finally do it."

–Loryan Strant, Generation-e


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