SMB Value from the ModernMSP

SMB Value from the ModernMSP

Being a modern MSP means understanding the SMB value you provide. Small and medium-sized businesses, now more than ever, need MSPs to help them navigate through the different services and solutions that will bring them up to speed. On ModernMSP, we have talked extensively about the importance of SMBs embracing the cloud, going as far as to call it the new norm. But what does the relationship look like between the two parties, and how do you start seeing results?

The following is a transcript of the above video from SBT Partners, explaining the role a modern MSP has in getting an SMB everything they need in their technology solutions:

What is a modern MSP? And, most importantly, what value does the modern MSP provide the small to medium-sized business?

First, the technology industry has never seen such dramatic advancement and change. Specifically, cloud computing is causing the world's largest technology vendors and the local managed services providers (MSP), that serve the SMB, to evolve their business or risk becoming irrelevant. The modern MSP, like SBT Partners, is today's technology partner for the SMB.

Technology delivered to technology buyers is a thing of the past. Today, it's all about the modern MSP delivering solutions to help their clients reach business goals. This is what we call "business outcome solutions." Cloud computing has the ability to deliver dramatic business outcomes to the SMB, but it's up to the modern MSP to research individual cloud services and bundle them together to deliver a complete solution. The modern MSP is an expert in delivering cloud bundles to achieve business outcomes.

Yes, cloud computing is here. But the reality is that the SMB must look at cloud computing as a journey from on-premises to cloud computing over time. A hybrid model is mandatory. It is the responsibility of the modern MSP to strategically guide the SMB through this journey, providing options that meet the unique needs of their business. The modern MSP has expertise in all the relevant technology available for the SMB, and can prescribe the right solution to create successful business outcomes.

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