Technology as a Service: What's in it for You?

Technology as a Service: What's in it for You?

We live in a hybrid world. We have hybrid organizations, hybrid gas-electric cars, and who could forget the innovations of hybrid beverages like the Arnold Palmer. But what Technology as a Service (TaaS) equips us for is the world of hybrid technology.

The emergence of cloud computing has pushed users to start thinking about life outside of on-premises technology. This means all of those processes you'd normally handle onsite are now being moved to the internet. For many, however, it's not a simple act of cutting the cord (no pun intended). Gutting the way you've run your business for years in favor of the cloud is a massive undertaking. Between transferring all your vital data, training your employees, getting your clients on board, etc., there can be significant risks involved when considering moving away from your current setup.

That's where TaaS comes in as a means of bridging the gap between your onsite tech with the cloud. As the above video from SBT Partners explains, TaaS combines the X-as-a-Service (XaaS) with your on-premises technology. TaaS delivers cloud computing and on-premises technology as a maintenance expense. Think of it like a utility bill to keep your business in working order. You'll get all your data and voice needs met, as well as upgrades and support. You'll also get all the professional services required to keep your infrastructure running optimally.

On top of all that, TaaS gives you vendor management and VCIO services for a single monthly fee—all from just one vendor. Sounds too good to be true? In reality, it's quite sensible. It's looking at what your day-to-day operations are, defining what makes sense in the cloud, and what makes sense on-premises, and collecting them all under one service model.

So, what can TaaS do for you? It takes away the stress of adopting to the latest tech by giving you the best of both worlds.

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