Video: How IT Automation Enriches Our Lives

Video: How IT Automation Enriches Our Lives

The automation of certain IT processes not only makes the clients' lives easier, it also benefits IT professionals. There are many things that could get tedious, but we have IT automation to thank for certain processes that don't need to be hands on. Chris Lehr of Strategic Products & Services hits it right on the head in this video, "When you're looking at migrating thousands of mailboxes, nobody wants to sit all weekend clicking through that."

IT automation is not only good from an IT Professional's outlook, it's also good for their customers. Matt Ryrie of Betach Solutions, Inc. said, "It really allows us to free up our time to work with customers and to work with the higher level technologies. We are not meant to repeat things. We are meant to be creative." The automation of certain processes allows MSPs to be more attentive to their customers and also helps them to constantly be learning in their field.

Many people, even those not in IT, use automated processes in their own lives as well. If you've ever used automated bill pay, that's a great example right there. This frees you up and keeps you secure in knowing that your bills will keep getting paid even if it slips your mind. You can enjoy playing more with your children or going on vacation without worrying about logging in to make sure your bills are getting paid. You just need to pay attention to how much is in your bank account.

Automated processes also help everyone to be more organized. Aaron Leonard of Simple I.D., said it well, "I've probably learned more from my kids than anyone from a personal perspective to use automation to be more organized in how we go about our personal lives; how I go about mine...without that, there's a limitation of what you can do personally; of how efficient you can be or how productive we can be."

By automating tasks where we can, we lead to more of our own free time and the enrichment of our lives. It also helps IT Professionals do what they do best. It gives them time to innovate, learn and try new ideas to keep the progression of technology moving forward. It frees them up to be creative and come up with new things that change all of our lives.

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