The World's Best Migrations for Office 365

Deliver mistake-free migrations with Automated Runbooks in MSPComplete.

The window for profitable Office 365 migrations is closing.

If you're not selling managed services for Office 365, you're missing an important opportunity. To thrive in a crowded marketplace, you need to generate recurring revenue and offer your customers more value as they move to the cloud. As you stay with migrations or project-based work, competitors lure your clients away with offers of ongoing services for Office 365.  You need to go to market with new offerings as soon as possible. But first, you need to build your services portfolio, create service descriptions, determine your pricing model, and train your team.

How will you profitably offer and scale new services?

Profitably launching new services is difficult and time-consuming. To be successful, you need to build efficient, valuable services your team can easily learn, deliver, and scale.

How will you differentiate your Office 365 business?

To be competitive, you need to differentiate your offerings. Bundling managed services is a strong way to compete but you'll need to go to market with the right services at the right price.

Grow your Office 365 recurring revenue with MSPComplete.

Quickly and confidently go to market with the guidance, automation, and turnkey services you need to be more profitable with Office 365.

Expand your Office 365 offerings

Launch quickly with turnkey managed services for Office 365.

Increase customer lifetime value

Upsell customers after migration projects with managed services bundles.

Be more profitable with Office 365

Decrease delivery costs with automated Office 365 services and drive consumption to qualify for Microsoft incentives.

Add managed services to every Office 365 onboarding project

Hear from our expert partners about driving adoption of the Office 365 suite to build recurring revenue and help your customers collaborate. Seize the opportunity with every onboarding project to provide valuable ongoing managed services.

MSPComplete Office 365 Services

MSPComplete Office 365 Services

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MSPComplete for FastTrack

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Office 365 Whitepaper