Shared Documents

MigrationWiz is your 100% SaaS solution for fast and easy Shared Document library migrations.

Move files fast with MigrationWiz.

Migrate files, folders, permissions, versions, and metadata from cloud storage applications like Microsoft SharePoint Online and Google Shared Drive.

Move files fast with MigrationWiz.

Not everyone needs a full site migration. MigrationWiz offers an easy, cost-effective solution for migrating document repositories.

No installations

On-prem tools are a thing of the past. Get up and running quickly with a 100% SaaS solution that can be run completely remotely.

Simple licensing

Only pay for what you need to move. Our per-document library model lets you pick and choose what comes over.

Better support

Get access to deep technical documentation and customer success experts that free tools simply can’t match.

What can I migrate?

Supported Endpoints

  • Microsoft SharePoint Online
  • Google Shared Drive (as a source or between Shared Drive instances only)

Supported Components

  • Files
  • Folders
  • Permissions
  • Versions
  • Metadata

Better migration speeds

MigrationWiz optimizes throughput by leveraging the fastest connectors available from Microsoft and Google to increase speed, avoid throttling, and minimize downtime.


Optimize With Assessments

More than a migration tool – get comprehensive insights to prepare you for licensing, scheduling, and resource allocation.



Get a clear view of the volume of SharePoint migration data with a detailed report on SharePoint Online classic sites and Microsoft 365 groups. This allows you to clean up the environment and scope the migration project.

Assessments can be run for free using a 30-day trial with Voleer. 

Looking for User-Based Document Applications?

Files stored in applications like OneDrive and Google Drive are associated with users and migrated as part of a standard document project via the User Migration Bundle.