Why MigrationWiz

Migrate multiple cloud workloads with a single solution. MigrationWiz—the industry-leading SaaS solution—enables you to migrate email and data from a wide range of Sources and Destinations.

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Powering Migrations Across the Globe

MigrationWiz is your fully automated, 100% SaaS migration solution accessible any time from anywhere. A single, centralized interface streamlines everything from simple mailbox moves to enterprise-scale migration projects.

Easy to Use

A user-friendly interface and intuitive design makes it easy to use for migration projects of all sizes. With streamlined workflows, simplified configuration options, and comprehensive documentation, MigrationWiz empowers users to effortlessly navigate the migration process without the need for extensive technical expertise.

Predictable Outcomes

Advanced migration algorithms and comprehensive validation checks, MigrationWiz accurately transfers data while maintaining data integrity and security. Its robust reporting and monitoring capabilities provide real-time insights into migration progress, allowing you to stay informed and confident throughout the migration process.

Highly Configurable

Customize migration options, fine-tune mapping settings, and implement advanced filtering criteria for precise data transfers. With scripting capabilities and support for complex migration scenarios, MigrationWiz empowers users to optimize performance and achieve seamless migrations across various platforms and environments.

Robust Documentation

Excellent documentation and comprehensive learning resources, makes it easy for users to get up to speed and maximize their migration capabilities. MigrationWiz offers detailed user guides, step-by-step tutorials, and FAQs that cover every aspect of migration, from initial setup to advanced configurations.

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Remote Migrations Start Here.

Avoid deskside work and on-prem installations with MigrationWiz. Move users and data between a range of supported endpoints – all through the data center of your choice.

Mailbox Migration

Migrate mail from nearly any Source to any Destination.

Personal Archive Migration

Quickly discover, collect, and migrate personal archives.

Document Migration

Move files, permissions, and more for common storage apps.

Public Folder Migration

Copy over mail folders, calendars, contacts, and more.

Teams Migration

 Move channels, conversations, permissions, and files in Teams.

Active Directory

Move Identities and OU structures from on AD to another.

Increase Efficiency and Cut Costs

The User Migration Bundle combines three user workloads into a single license to help you save.

Power Your Migrations with MigrationWiz

In just  32 seconds, learn why MigrationWiz is the right choice for all your migrations. It’s your fully-automated, 100% SaaS solution.

Easy To Use

No specialized training or certifications necessary. No hardware or software to install and maintain.

Low Impact

When downtime is minimized, the result is a seamless experience for end users.



From five seats to 50,000, migrate hundreds of users at a time – even running mail and documents side-by-side.

Supported By Experts

From our technical pre-sales specialists to customer success engineers, our team of IT veterans is here to help.


Work together with project sharing and action logging to increase visibility between team members.

Secure And Compliant

BitTitan datacenters are compliant with ISO/IEC 27001/ 27002:2013, SOC 1, Type 2 and SOC 2 Type 2, PCI DSS Level 1, HIPAA/HITECH, CJIS, CSA CCM, FERPA, and more.

See MigrationWiz in Action



Learn how easy it is to use MigrationWiz to migrate mailboxes from a broad range of sources to Microsoft 365. We dive into everything from pre-migration steps to how to move the individual components of a mailbox.


Everything from pre-migration tips to a step-by-step demo of how to quickly move documents and files while maintaining components like file hierarchy and permissions.

Collaboration Migration (Teams)

In this video, BitTitan migration experts walk through how to assess, configure, and launch a Teams migration project with MigrationWiz.


Use the Tenant Migration Bundle to easily and securely consolidate, move or divest tenants. In this video a MigrationWiz expert walks through the steps to successfully migrate tenants.

Public Folders

Learn how to use MigrationWiz® for migrating public folders to Microsoft 365 and any Microsoft Exchange Server 2010+. MigrationWiz makes it easy to move contacts, calendars, mail, journals, notes, and tasks with automation.

Personal Archives

A MigrationWiz expert demonstrates how easy it is to use MigrationWiz User Migration Bundle to discover, collect, and migrate numerous personal archive files such as PSTs, In-Place Archives, and others to your selected Destination.


Active Directory

Migrate Active Directory identity objects and OU structures to another Active Directory. No special training, professional services, or additional hardware or software installation required.

Our Customers Love MigrationWiz

MigrationWiz automates the receptive, and often mistake-prone work that accompanies migrations. Cloud to cloud migration would be impossible without MigrationWiz.

George Dauterman

Co-Founder, Valiant Technology

Advanced Options

Select from a robust library of advanced features to customize your project, including Date Range Filtering, Folder and Recipient Mapping, even regional datacenters.

The BitTitan SDK gives you access to the BitTitan Command Shell and Management Console. Scripting extends the out-of-the-box capabilities of MigrationWiz to effectively automate migration tasks at scale.

Get Started on your Migration Project Today

Migrations are tricky. Let BitTitan simplify the experience. It’s not magic–it’s MigrationWiz.

Additional MigrationWiz features

  • Single easy-to-use UI
  • Autoscaling infrastructure
  • PowerShell SDK
  • Unlimited concurrent migrations
  • Customizable email notifications
  • Project sharing and action logging
  • High data fidelity
  • Pre-stage, quick switch, or big bang scenarios
  • Automatic Outlook configuration

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