Outlook Configuration

Automate Outlook configuration remotely using the DeploymentPro tool, included as part of the User Migration Bundle license.

Never visit another desktop or device to configure Outlook again.

Seamless onboarding
Make Outlook configuration painless and enhance your migration service delivery. Add remote Outlook configuration to any migration project for a great customer experience. 
No device visits
Configure Outlook 100% remotely so you don't have to visit any desktops or devices. Manage the configuration directly from your web browser—just automate and relax!
Zero downtime
Automation helps create cost savings and a safer, error-free process. No customer downtime helps ensure a great experience for end users.

Using DeploymentPro, we automated the setup of user profiles, signatures, rules, and AutoCompletes. It saved us the time and hassle of manually going to each desktop in the office. We absolutely will use DeploymentPro again!

Ricardo Uribe, Chief Technology Officer, CGNET

Don’t worry about disrupting customer work

Install the agent silently via Group Policy so that end users only need to enter their password and restart Outlook. Deploy and configure profile on your time, without customer frustrations and a flood of support tickets.

Easily and flexibly configure Outlook

Automate Outlook configuration in any deployment scenario, including tenant to tenant (Office 365 to Office 365), Quick Switch or Big Bang.

Configure with ease—no training, no on-site visits

DeploymentPro makes the configuration easy, without the need for any admin credentials, training or expertise. You can check reporting, configuration statuses, project errors, and more—completely remotely and in real time.

Configure Outlook and migrate mailboxes, documents, and personal archives with the User Migration Bundle. Learn more