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Remote Work and Collaboration: The Role of the Cloud Office Suite

Office suites are the mainstays of modern knowledge workers, and bringing them online paves the way for the collaboration that makes remote work possible among distributed teams. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, much attention was paid to the use of online videoconferencing through tools such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Support for face-to-face meetings, taking the place of in-person collaboration, took center stage for organizations looking to replicate their in-office experience.

Building a culture of collaboration

This is not to say that simply providing a complete set of collaboration tools is all it takes to collaborate. Some habits born in the physical office don’t transfer easily to the world of remote work, where co-workers no longer physically interact.  Document-sharing, video conferencing, calls and chats can’t fully substitute for in-person meetings in the flesh. Businesses need to pay attention to building a culture of collaboration so that individuals stay engaged as a team. This will become increasingly vital as businesses extend remote work to more users. Read Remote Work: Looking at the Long-Term Future.



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