BitTitan Turns 9 Today!

BitTitan Turns 9 Today!

Today marks the 9th anniversary since our fearless leader Geeman Yip decided he was going to create BitTitan and change the cloud business forever! I guess that means, happy birthday to us!

Since it is our birthday, we want to take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about how we “Get sh-t done and have fun doing it”!

It all started in Geeman’s garage back in 2007. Since then, he has transformed BitTitan to a cloud services enablement leader, delivering solutions that help IT service providers sell, onboard, and service cloud technology. We have helped more than 75,000 global customers transition millions of employees seamlessly to the cloud! But enough about us!

You know the story of how AWESOME BitTitan is, but have you heard how AWESOME our fearless leader Geeman is?! Well, here are some fun facts that you probably didn’t know about our CEO Geeman…

He is an impressive dancer! Geeman is a fan of ballroom dancing and is particularly good at the Waltz!


He is a scuba diver and has gone scuba diving in the Bahamas amongst a group of sharks before!



According to his friends and family, Geeman is also a great cook. He enjoys cooking prime rib and rack of lamb. He also loves eating and trying different foods.



He is described by most as a Jack of all trades and is always up for a fun adventure!



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Geeman is into outdoor sports as well. Did you know that he was also a snowboarding instructor at one point? He also loves water sports!



Geeman is a family guy, and him and his wife Magdalena have two daughters, Sofia and Ella.



He definitely is always there to give great advice and help anyone who asks.



He plays the guitar and ukulele and has been known to break out in song on random occasions.


Geeman is also a skillful magician!


We are proud to celebrate 9 amazing years of Geeman and  BitTitan and are excited about the many more to come. Cheers!

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