Microsoft and Google Cloud Partners Team Up, Engage BitTitan for Multi-Source Migration

Customer Stories: Coolhead Tech - Google Cloud Partner & LunaTek Solutions - Microsoft Partner
Customer Name: Prepaid Technologies
Challenge: The customer needed to consolidate two separate environments after an acquisition, Office 365 and G Suite, into a third standalone G Suite domain.
Microsoft and Google Cloud Partners Team Up, Engage BitTitan for Multi-Source Migration


Meet the Channel Partners

Coolhead Tech is a Google Cloud Partner based in Austin, TX, specializing in applications and services specific to G Suite, Chrome, and Google Cloud Platform. Since 2008, the company has been serving IT departments and channel partners in their journey to adopt, protect, and manage cloud investments. The company recently opened affiliate offices in India and the Philippines and has been named a CRN Next Gen Channel Partner three years in a row.

LunaTek Solutions is a premier provider of IT Consulting Services, Technology Solutions, and Staffing Services. Founded in 2015 by proven IT executives, their experience and expertise with leading technologies and best practices enables them to contribute a seasoned, broad-based perspective to organizations. LunaTek Solutions is proud to be labeled as one of the best modern technology partners in the U.S., working with Fortune 500 and startup companies alike, driving cloud-first initiatives, programs, and technologies, creating meaningful software solutions that overcome complex enterprise challenges, and an industry-leading provider of cloud-enabled corporate IT managed services.

In 2019, LunaTek Solutions, on behalf of their client, Prepaid Technologies, approached Coolhead Tech following the acquisition of a division of Karmic Labs. As part of the integration of the two companies, LunaTek sought Coolhead Tech’s migration expertise to consolidate users from two separate environments – Office 365 and G Suite – into a third, standalone G Suite domain. Through a close teaming agreement between the two Austin-based shops, the team delivered a tailored solution for Prepaid’s unique situation, using the BitTitan MigrationWiz solution.


Bringing Businesses Together in the Cloud

Following the acquisition, Prepaid faced a consolidation challenge: the fintech company needed to move about 50 users from their existing Office 365 tenant and about 50 users from Karmic Labs’ G Suite environment into another existing instance of G Suite.

“A big advantage for companies in migration projects like these is stakeholder participation,” said Rob Ernst, Strategy Solutions Consultant for Coolhead Tech.

Like all types of migration projects, success lies in preparation. After developing a consolidation project plan, Coolhead Tech went on-site to test migrations on important accounts, such as executive assistants, to correct any specific user issues and confirm all other users would migrate smoothly the following weekend. Another key watchpoint was ensuring settings on the Destination domain – such as eDiscovery policies – wouldn’t undo work from the migration. For Coolhead Tech, communicating migration challenges like these with end users and including them in the migration planning is non-negotiable.

“Having PrePaid’s IT Director and their local MSP taking charge of the project itself–being involved in the planning and execution–was critical to the success of consolidating these accounts into a single environment.”

Once the plan was defined and testing was complete, Coolhead Tech went ahead with the full migration, using MigrationWiz.


MigrationWiz: The Collaboration Consolidation Engine

A longtime partner of MigrationWiz, Coolhead Tech points to three main benefits of MigrationWiz: quick endpoint configuration, great product documentation, and the ability to migrate mailboxes and documents concurrently for a fast transition to the Destination.

While another popular G Suite migration tool handles a single workload at a time, MigrationWiz scales automatically based on available bandwidth and throttling limits to migrate workloads simultaneously, accelerating project timelines and limiting the possibility for downtime. As for the documentation, it’s all in the details.

“Understanding the Source accounts and how to use the migration tool helps us set expectations with end users and plan for what that Destination environment will look like.”

Coolhead Tech

Lunatek Solutions

Partners Make It Possible

Ernst is quick to point out the power of LunaTek engaging Coolhead Tech in this project.

“This project is a great example of a Google Cloud MSP and a Microsoft MSP coming together – pooling collective knowledge about these systems – to deliver a tailored, cross-platform solution for the benefit of a fast-growing fintech company.”

Since the initial Cloud migration project, the Google Cloud and Microsoft Partners continue to team up on additional post-migration support services through Coolhead’s Google-certified admin service.

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