Modern MSP: Delivering Automation to Customers

Modern MSP: Delivering Automation to Customers

How do you mix people and automated processes? You help them work together. For our partners, automation is an opportunity to maximize resources and help more customers. For users, delivering automation streamlines their workflow and lets them get back to business.



ModernMSP: Delivering Automation to Customers

The big problem that were facing and I think a lot of companies are facing is weaving the business processes the actual human beings into the process.

~Matt Ryrie - Betach Solutions Inc.

Our view is that automation when appropriate should be given to the the users of the environment and not held back.

~Julian Dyer - Cobweb Solutions Ltd

We can go ahead and automate simple task as a workflow and bring automation the hand for our customers. These type of workflows that really reduce the cost and complexity of that manual process that they used to do before; and the cloud helps that.

~Mark Pierce - New Signature

We are going on and explaining to customers how we can ease their journey to the cloud and make it easy for them to transform.

~Charles Lalieu - Business Connexion Group

If we're able to execute a solution for our clients, that's automated. Not only does it reduce the clients cost, you know - through that managed service agreement but also assists us into helping many more people simultaneously.

~Enrique Castrellon - New Signature

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