What Kind of MSP Are You? (Part 3)

What Kind of MSP Are You? (Part 3)

"Be different: Bundle Like a Boss"

Last week, we looked at MSP Persona #2: Established as a Modern MSP. This week, we're focusing on Hosting and Large Service Providers looking to differentiate their business and streamline their processes.

When you have support, processes, and a workforce in place, it's hard to figure out how to stay fresh in the marketplace. With quality services and a strong reputation, how do you decide what to focus on? How do you introduce services that make you different without disrupting what you do well?

MSP Persona #3


Hosting and large service providers have unique opportunity to optimize their processes and bundle their best — or new! — services to remain unique and competitive for enterprise customers.

What they think

think-icon-002It’s time to move away from just enterprise-level mailbox migrations into other enterprise-level managed services. Bundling services to include mobile devices, verticals, or areas of expertise will help them compete!


What they care about

care-icon-002 Increasing ROI and profitability while maintaining the security and quality of their existing services. Removing cost-prohibitive practices and directing existing resources towards provide new offerings.


What they use

tools-icon-002Tools like MigrationWiz  help them be more efficient, deliver enterprise-level services and decrease costs so that they can invest in specializations.


Where they're going

going-icon-002A specialized set of bundled services built around what they do best or makes them unique to their customers. They'll introduce these changes by using tools that help maintain efficient business processes and services that can be provided at scale to enterprise-level businesses.

Though it can seem daunting, Hosting and Large Service Providers can differentiate their services while managing the costs of adjusting their current offerings. Identifying inefficiencies and offering bundled services around their specializations will help them continue to succeed!

Is this not your type? Find your MSP Persona by reading about MSP Persona #1 and MSP Persona #2!

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