Do IT Professionals Unplug on Vacation?

Do IT Professionals Unplug on Vacation?

Most technology service professionals say they are comfortable taking two or three weeks of vacation each year. But what does that mean? Do IT professionals pack the office in their suitcase or leave the laptops behind? We wanted to find out how much vacation time is really spent on vacation and when vacation is just another venue for work. Here's how managed service providers responded to whether or not they unplug while away.


It’s not so easy for IT professionals to fully unplug while on vacation. Over a third of the respondents say they work on their laptops for part of the time and another third, while not working on a laptop, keep their phones close at hand. Only 12 percent claim their vacation time fully as their own. Of course, there are also a few (less than one percent) who can't seem to unwind at all, and end up using more than half of their vacation time still working.

Considering that most information technology professionals keep business close at hand most of the time, we wondered what this might mean for the growth of the industry. We’ll tell you more soon.

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