Bundle Up for the Holidays with BitTitan

Bundle Up for the Holidays with BitTitan

Raise your hand if the office crowd thins out as the New Year approaches.

A normally unproductive block for most organizations outside of retail, the end of December is a wonderful time for one group in particular: IT teams. With many workers out of the office and offline over the holidays, IT has the opportunity to tackle larger projects without normal risks like downtime or interruption for end users. One of the projects that falls into that category? Migrations.


Source Speed and User Downtime

Speed and downtime are two elements of a migration project that greatly impact its overall success. Executing a project over winter break allows you to maximize speed and minimize potential downtime for end users.

When we talk migration speeds, the limiting factor is the end user’s Source environment. With workers offline, bandwidth at the Source is maximized, allowing for maximum data migration speeds to expedite the project. MigrationWiz can easily handle up to 250 concurrent migrations, meaning your data is transferred over in a matter of days, not weeks, and everyone makes it to the Destination before the New Year.

Performing a migration over winter break also gives project owners more time to troubleshoot and solve issues that would normally result in extended downtime or interruption and cause greater business losses.


Hey EDU – We’re Talking to You!

Need to move thousands of college kids off a legacy email system? Good luck finding a better time than December. As students make their way home for mid-semester break, IT teams can take advantage of empty campuses and offline students to make much needed upgrades to critical systems. For some, that includes a data migration to a new environment. In addition, BitTitan offers special discounts for education and nonprofit organizations. Contact us for more information scoping those projects.


Bundling with BitTitan

For migration projects that include more than just mail, there’s no better option on the market than BitTitan’s User Migration Bundle: a single license to move mailboxes, documents, and archives for one user from Source to Destination. This provides IT teams with extra flexibility in project timeline while preserving margins. For those heading to Office 365, a UMB license also comes with DeploymentPro, an automated Outlook configuration tool that enables IT to set up profiles remotely. No more individual desktop visits or post-migration cleanup. And with a 100% SaaS deployment, you don’t have to be in the office at the end of December, either.


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