Gartner Peer Insights: A Commitment to Customers First

Gartner Peer Insights: A Commitment to Customers First

It was Bill Gates who said, “We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.”

At BitTitan we embrace this kind of openness as one of our four core values – “We love our customers.” One of the ways we put this into practice is by encouraging all types of customer feedback. After all, we want to be the first to know about how we can improve our products and serve you better. As a sign of BitTitan’s commitment to listening and responding to customers, we recently received the Gartner Peer Insights Customer First badge.

The Customer First badge

The Gartner Customer First badge signifies that a technology provider solicits reviews from all customers – not just the five-star types. It shows that we value honest, unbiased feedback. To receive the badge, BitTitan demonstrated that we welcome both positive and negative feedback, and use customer insights to drive product development, service, and support.

The Gartner Customer First program is a natural fit for BitTitan. Gartner Peer Insights provides a platform to capture detailed commentary that our MigrationWiz team can study and customers can use to make buying decisions. The reviews dig into details of how the product was used, what other products were considered, the service provided, and lessons learned. We’re grateful to every customer who shares their experience to help others make informed comparisons – and help us improve.

We love to be loved – honestly

Most people are thrilled to hear nice things said about them, but it is the true friend who is willing to give honest feedback. By that measure, BitTitan has a lot of friends. Over 350 verified customers have taken the time to provide real detail on the Gartner Peer Insights portal. With an average rating of 4.7/5 stars through those reviews, we have many reasons to smile. All the feedback – positive or constructive - we can use to incorporate into the evolution of our product and service offerings.

If you have experience with MigrationWiz, we hope you’ll share it on the Gartner Peer Insights portal. While you’re there – check out our new Customer First badge. If you’re new to migrations or MigrationWiz, the reviews, ratings, and comparisons can help you with your decision making. The portal allows you to filter reviews by attributes like overall rating, recency, company size, industry, and location. You can also see a summary of BitTitan reviews here.

The Gartner Peer Insights Customer First program constitutes an organization's commitment to solicit reviews from its customers using programmatic sourcing strategies and best practices. They neither represent the views of, nor constitute an endorsement by, Gartner or its affiliates.

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