Gartner Peer Insights: The Reviews Are In!

Gartner Peer Insights: The Reviews Are In!

Whether it’s a recommendation around your next book, a new dentist, or a piece of software, we look to our peers for guidance. We trust our friends and coworkers to provide honest feedback about their experiences – and we weigh their opinion heavily in our buying decision.

If you’re new to BitTitan, chances are you’re doing your homework on MigrationWiz and other third-party solutions, maybe even native methods from Microsoft and Google. You’ve got questions: can MigrationWiz handle my scenario? How is it better than other tools or doing this myself? Is it worth the investment?



Case studies hold some of these answers – as does /r/Office365 and /r/msp – but there’s another place with an extensive library of reviews on MigrationWiz: Gartner Peer Insights.


What is Gartner Peer Insights?

Gartner Peer Insights (GPI) is a reviews and ratings platform for technology end-users to share their experiences with IT solutions in over 300 different categories. Those submissions pass through a robust review verification and moderation process before publishing on the platform. Once public, these reviews are an invaluable source of feedback for other teams looking into solutions for their specific use case. Aside from the individual reviews, solutions in the same category can be compared side-by-side across factors such as Integration & Deployment, Service & Support, and Product Capabilities.


MigrationWiz Reviews

As of this writing, MigrationWiz is the highest-rated solution in the cloud office migration category, carrying a 4.7/5-star rating through more than 350 reviews.

So what’s all the noise about? For many customers, it’s the ability to deploy the tool quickly and configure their migration project in a matter of minutes. Where other migration solutions may require on-premises installations or lengthier configuration steps, MigrationWiz users are up-and-running with fewer steps and headaches.



Another factor for high ratings are enate product capabilities. MigrationWiz received high marks for scalability, ease-of-use, and integration with Source and Destination systems.



Common Review Themes: Standardization, Time Savings, and Overall Experience

Nearly 70% of individual MigrationWiz reviewers give it a perfect 5-star rating – sorting through all feedback, trends begin to emerge.

The first is standardization. With its range of supported scenarios, MigrationWiz makes it easy to build your migration service package around this tool. Partners know what to expect, how much it will cost, and know they can turn to the tool and the BitTitan team to simplify any project they may take on (click on any of the reviews below to see the full review at the source).


Gartner Peer Insights: MigrationWiz Email Migration Toolkit

There are a lot of free, manual ways to perform a migration project. Yet returning customers realize significant time savings when running projects through MigrationWiz. The tool migrates faster than manual methods, reduces configuration time, and allows customers to focus on other components of the project while the migration runs in the background. For those routinely performing these projects, time savings is critical to preserving margins and engineers’ time.


Gartner Peer Insights: MigrationWiz Time Savings




The last theme boils down to the overall customer experience. We like to be involved in projects. We’re proactive about engaging and planning without charging for professional services – we simply want you to be successful. And support is available 24/7 to anyone that purchases as MigrationWiz license, regardless of project size.



See For Yourself

Don’t take our word for it. Compare MigrationWiz side-by-side with other third-party solutions and read the most helpful reviews from the last 12 months to understand why IT administrators around the world have made this solution a key tool in their portfolio.

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