MigrationWiz Now Moves More Recoverable Items in Exchange

MigrationWiz Now Moves More Recoverable Items in Exchange

Great news for all our mail migration customers: MigrationWiz now supports more recoverable item types for Exchange Server to Microsoft 365 and tenant-to-tenant projects.

Previously, MigrationWiz was limited in which recoverable items would be migrated. With this latest release, we now support six recoverable item types: mail, calendar, contact, task, journal, and note.

This feature release also adds support for Deletions, Purges, and Versions folders. Currently, we do not support other folders or subfolders outside these three.


How to Configure

After creating a new migration project, users must set the source and destination to “Recoverable Items.” They then must add two support options:

  • MigrateAllRecoverableItems=1. This enables all recoverable item types to be migrated.
  • OverrideRecoverableItemsFolderMapping=1. This applies folder mappings from source to destination for Deletions, Purges, and Versions.



MigrationWiz recognizes the folder type for recoverable items as a Mail folder, which is users will select “Mail” from the “what to migrate” section of the product.

For more guidance on migrating recoverable items, consult our migration guide in the BitTitan Help Center. Documentation from Microsoft regarding Recoverable Items can be accessed here.  


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