Introducing WalkMe Guides for MigrationWiz

Introducing WalkMe Guides for MigrationWiz

Migration projects are inherently complex. Your migration solution should be the opposite.

MigrationWiz, the industry’s leading cloud migration solution, just got even easier to use with the introduction of WalkMe. Through carefully curated guides and step-by-step instructions, WalkMe’s in-product directions help migration project owners navigate through set up, customer creation, KB articles, and more.

Where Can I Find WalkMe?

WalkMe paths can be activated through a new button in the top navigation bar of MigrationWiz labeled “Guides.”



Choose a guide from the list or type your question into the search bar, which populates with results directly from the BitTitan Help Center. Once a guide has been selected, step-by-step instructions will now appear. You may close WalkMe guides at any time by clicking the "x" in the upper right-hand corner of the alert.




Why WalkMe?

WalkMe offers four key benefits for BitTitan customers:

  • Project Guides: Whether you’re moving just a mailbox, documents, or simply creating a new customer, WalkMe provides a step-by-step experience to help users through onboarding and complicated migration scenarios.
  • Shoutouts: Since MigrationWiz is a SaaS solution, we’re constantly pushing updates both big and small. Now when we release a new feature - like Project Sharing or OneDrive upgrades - a pop up will flag that update for users and provide more information about the new functionality.
  • Direct Line to Help Center: Help Center links and KBs are now available directly in the product with integrated SEO.
  • Solution Analysis: Through WalkMe, BitTitan Support and Product teams are now able to identify what paths users are taking through the platform, allowing us to proactively identify issues or roadblocks within the solution and make adjustments accordingly.

A seamless project execution experience remains a top priority for our entire organization and a key part of our broader vision for Customer Success. Look for future updates and additional tracks for WalkMe in the coming weeks.

Happy migrating!

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