January 2019 Product Release Notes

January 2019 Product Release Notes
Product Release Notes contain information about updates, upgrades and new features for BitTitan solutions and services. For the most current information, visit the Product Announcements section in the BitTitan Help Center. For additional questions, visit the Community Forums.



Product Improvement: Top Navigation Menu

  • Waffle dropdown menu is now located on the top left and listed in alphabetical order.
  • The item within the menu currently selected by User will be excluded from the waffle dropdown menu to enhance user experience.
Product Improvement: Optional Admin Email Address
  • The [AdminEmailAddress] field can now be set as optional instead of mandatory in the custom email success notification template. This allows users the flexibility to still customize and send out success notification emails without the need to input/disclose the admin's email address.
  • Before this update, a "success" email was sent to both the Source and Destination email addresses. For large-scale migrations, it may not be practical or desired to have that email send to the Admin account because of the sheer number of emails. In addition, not all Admin accounts may be monitored. For these reasons, the [AdminEmailAddress] field can now be made optional.
Product Improvement: Diagnostics for SharePoint/OneDrive for Business v2
  • Once SharePoint/OneDrive for Business v2 has finished importing in SharePoint, any error (.err) file in the Azure Blob will be identified and logged into Kibana.
  • This helps BitTitan Support improve troubleshooting.
Product Improvement: Stability when performing "Reset Migration"
  • A clean-up flag is set in the database each time the user performs a reset. When the SharePoint/OneDrive v2 connector starts and sees this flag is set, it cleans up the Azure storage and resets the flag. This ensures that any files left over in the blob which are no longer available in the Source or are already deleted by user will not be migrated again.
Product Fix: Public Folder Advanced Options
  • [Public Folder Migrations] Advanced Option "UseDisplayNamePermissionMatching" added to trigger display name permission matching for Office 365. Default behavior will now only match the SMTP alias.
  • Scenario/Problem: previously, permissions were applied based on matching either the display name or SMPT alias. As a result, there are scenarios whereby mailbox folder sharing permissions are not being migrated correctly.
  • [Public Folder Migrations] Removed Autodiscover option from Public Folder projects
  • Scenario/Problem: prevent delay on customer's end to perform migration and reduce overhead on Support.


New Public Runbook Templates

Office 365 to Office 365 Assesment, Migration, and Cleanup: analyze environments and automate the transition between Office 365 tenants when there is a change in domain name.

Generate Office 365 GDPR Report: assess license compliance and settings to align with requirements from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


New Task Library Components

Hybrid Employee Onboarding and Management:

  • On-Prem Active Directory Management Tasks (BETA - contact customer success to gain access)
  • Add On-Prem AD User to Groups
  • Set On-Prem AD User Attributes
  • Create Distribution Group
  • Create Security Group
  • Delete Group
  • Delete User
  • Remove User from Group
  • Wait for Group to Replicate to Azure AD
  • Supporting Office 365 Tasks
  • Update User Domain
  • Update User
  • Wait for On-Prem AD User to Replicate to Azure AD


Microsoft SharePoint Online Task Library Components:

  • Create Site Collection
  • Create Group
  • Add Users to Group
  • Assign/Unassign Member as Site Collection Administrator
  • Delete Site Collection
  • Delete Group
  • Remove Users from Groups
  • Retrieve Users in Site Collections
  • Retrieve Site Collections for Users
  • Retrieve Delete Site Collections
  • Update Site Collections' Sharing Settings
  • Retrieve Site Collections' Statistics
  • Retrieve Groups
  • Restore Delete Site Collections


Microsoft Excel Task Library Components:

  • Populate Excel Template with CSV Data
  • Convert to PDF
  • Convert to Image
  • Convert to HTML
  • Set Cell Values

Active Directory Task Library Components:

  • Update User Attributes

Office 365 Management Tasks:

  • Remove Licenses from Users: allows for batching of license removal for multiple users
  • Retrieve Mailbox Statistics: determine total Office 365 mailbox sizes for mailbox migration assessment
  • Send Email v2: new version allows for up to three email attachments
  • Enable/Disable Multi-Factor Authentication for Users

Office 365 - Managing Contacts: (Note: this is to supplement the existing contact management tasks from November)

  • Update Contact
  • Show/Hide Contacts

Windows Tasks for Remote Machines:

  • Run Executables on Remote Machines
  • Copy Files to Remote Machines


Product Improvement: Standardized UI Terminology

We changed the nomenclature when creating a new automation for "New Runbook" to "New Template." Templates now become a Runbook once assigned to a customer service request.


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