January 2020 Product Release Notes

January 2020 Product Release Notes
Product Release Notes contain information about new features, improvements, and bug fixes for BitTitan solutions and services. For the most current information, visit the Product Announcements section in the BitTitan Help Center. For additional questions, visit the Community Forums.


MigrationWiz New Feature: Select Individual Teams to Migrate

MigrationWiz now offers the ability for customers to specify which Teams they would like to migrate between tenants. Following the built-in Source Teams assessment in MigrationWiz, a CSV file will be generated and can be modified to include or exclude individual Teams in that migration.

Refer to this KB for more information on this feature.


MigrationWiz New Feature: Migrate Teams to/from US Government Tenant

In order to enable this feature, you’ll need to use these specific Advanced Options:

If migrating from a US Government Tenant, add:

If migrating to a US Government Tenant, add:
More information on this scenario can be found here. 

MigrationWiz Improvements

  • Gmail API
    • Following the release of this new connector last month, we made improvements to batching mechanics while adding a retry for failed items in a batch. This has increased throughput using this specific connector by 50%.
    • We’ve also improved error messaging around invalid labels and how to workaround using folder mapping.
  • Teams Migration – Mapping Renamed Folders
    • Teams Channels or groups have been renamed, but in Teams (and SharePoint), the Display Name is changed, not the actual MailNickName (the username in the team SMTP address). When a Teams migration is run, the migration creates the Team and the Teams Channel with the new name, but the Files are being migrated as a SharePoint site, which gets put under the old name.
    • The renamed channels need individual mapping commands to move channel files into the correct location during the migration process.
    • Add the foldermapping commands to the Support Options section of the Advanced Options.
    • E.g. FolderMapping=”^TeamA/Shared Documents/Oldname->TeamA/Shared Documents/Newname”
      Note: Enter the correct information for each team mailnickname and channel name in place of “TeamA”, “Oldname”, and “Newname” in the example.
    • More information regarding this Teams mapping feature can be found here. 


MigrationWiz Bug Fixes

Teams CSV

  • Previously, when a user clicked on the download link, a new tab was opened temporarily before the download started.
  • After the fix, the download action now starts immediately without opening a new tab.
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