MigrationWiz: The Ultimate Athlete of Data Migration

MigrationWiz: The Ultimate Athlete of Data Migration

Ancient Greek sports competitions usually ended with the crowning of the games’ ultimate athlete: the winner of the pentathlon, the competitor who does all things well. Modern pentathletes don’t just swim fast and run far, they’re skilled at fencing, horseback riding, and target shooting. Many top athletes work all their lives to be champions of a single sport. Ultimate athletes aren’t content to be great at just one thing. At BitTitan, we can relate.


Like the pentathlete who starts with just swimming or running, we initially built MigrationWiz as the best tool for moving one thing: mailboxes. And boy, did we get good at it. So good, in fact, that some people still think of BitTitan as the mailbox migration pros. We’ve migrated millions of mailboxes, but we’ve never been content to rest on our laurels. Our goal has always been to build MigrationWiz into the ultimate athlete of data migration.


Winner in all categories


You could say that since the beginning MigrationWiz has been training to be better, stronger, and faster. As the ultimate athlete of data migration, MigrationWiz moves much more than mail. Let’s review:

  • Mailboxes – We’ve moved millions of them, and we make it easy to automatically configure Outlook profiles, too.
  • Documents – Migrate OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox without fouling up hierarchy and permissions.
  • Personal archives – Discover, collect, and migrate personal archive files.
  • Public Folders – Migrate contacts, calendars, mail, journals, notes, and tasks to any cloud environment.
  • Teams – Boost user productivity and collaboration by migrating teams, channels, conversations, permissions, and files.


At BitTitan we know that if you want to be an ultimate athlete, you’ve got to be fast, efficient, accurate, and flawless. After all, it doesn't count if a pentathlete misses their target or only completes half of the race. That’s why we’re always honing MigrationWiz to be the top tool for any migration. And that means staying ahead on the workloads MigrationWiz can handle.


Hear the roar of the crowd


Like any great athlete, MigrationWiz is cheered for its all-around performance. Fans around the globe rely on MigrationWiz to move more than mail. Take a look at what people are saying about how MigrationWiz handles their varied migration projects in these case studies:


  • In Romania, Avaelgo migrated 9,000 users from G Suite to Microsoft 365 for a large financial services customer, including data, files, and, of course, mail.
  • Bizdirect, a Portuguese technology services company, used MigrationWiz in a tenant-to-tenant migration, moving Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, and email for 3,000 users in 200 different offices.
  • Austria’s Solvion consolidated 12,000 users for a customer located on multiple continents into a single tenant, including multiple on-prem and cloud systems, files in OneDrive and SharePoint, Teams, and even apps like Yammer and Planner.
  • Birlasoft migrated 5,000 users from Google Drive to OneDrive for their high-tech manufacturing customer, confirming that MigrationWiz it excels at preserving file structures and permissions.


Move more than mail – much more


MigrationWiz is your single, scalable solution for migrating multiple workloads from any Source to any destination. It’s also incredibly flexible – something else MigrationWiz has in common with ultimate athletes. We have licensing packages for any project, from complex mergers or acquisitions to quick cloud consolidations.


Pro tip: If you’re planning a multi-workload migration, you’ll want to pick up the MigrationWiz User Migration Bundle – a license that supports all your needs for a full 12 months.


Follow the links in this article to find out how MigrationWiz is the ultimate athlete of data migration.

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