New Enhancements for Google Workspace-to-Microsoft 365 Migrations

New Enhancements for Google Workspace-to-Microsoft 365 Migrations

Moving documents from one platform to another should never slow you down. Now that MigrationWiz supports migrations from Google Shared Drives to SharePoint Online, you can migrate to Microsoft 365 seamlessly with minimal downtime. Users will have access to their critical shared documents right after the migration and continue working without interruption. 

This new MigrationWiz enhancement expands your migration opportunities when migrating between cloud office suites. Up to this point, we already supported the core components of a Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 project, including:



  • Gmail (inbox, folders/labels, email, muted emails, contacts, calendars, calendar notifications)
  • Drive (files, folders, permissions, document history, comments, and more)
  • Vault (inbox, folders/labels, email, muted email, contacts, calendars, calendar notifications)

With our latest release, you can now migrate Shared Drives to SharePoint Online! MigrationWiz makessure every migration includes the items important for maintaining business continuity and productivity:

  • Documents (including files and folders)
  • Permissions
  • Versions
  • Metadata


Get your licenses and you're ready to go!

A MigrationWiz Shared Documents license is all you need to get started moving Google Shared Drives to SharePoint Online. Your cost is only $25 per shared drive up to 50GB of data. Licenses can be purchased up to 12 months in advance of a planned migration. 

To get the Shared Document licenses you need, visit our online store. You can contact us whenever you have questions about which license to use or if you need help streamlining your migrations.


Learn more

BitTitan maintains an extensive Help Center with knowledge base articles covering all your migration questions. You’ll find details about migrating Google Shared Drives to SharePoint Online here. 

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